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  Afro Asian gamesAfro Asian Games 2001

India are placed in group A of the first Afro Asian games held in New Delhi from niovvemder . there are eight teams participating this football event. India are in group a comprising of Nigeria, Morocco and the Turkmenistan . the teams are divided on basis of two teams from each continent . India play their first game against the Nigerians 

afro asian games ,2001  New Delhi
the first ever Afro Asian has been post ponded due to air attacksin new York's world trade centre and pentagon. it is being postponed due to security reasons . it is postponed till march 2002 according to our sports minister UMA BHARTHI the schedule for football tournament will be decided  in day or two

group A

country continent rank
India asia 117
nigeria africa 39
turkmenistan asia 115
morroco africa 28

Group B

country continent rank
cameroon africa 34
kuwait asia 74
iran asia 26
south africa africa 20


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