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Advantage. A referee may choose to ignore a foul, judging that to stop play would give the offending side an advantage.
Bend is to kick the ball so that it swerves in flight.
Caution or booking, is an official warning by the referee to a player, accompanied by the display of a yellow card.
Centre or cross, means to play the ball to a fellow attacker from the wing into the goalmouth.
Charge is the legal shoulder-to-shoulder contact made on a player with the ball.
Chip is a lofted pass or shot made by kicking the ball from the ground over an opponent.
Close down means to approach an opponent who has the ball in such a way that the opponent finds it hard to make good use of the ball.
Cover means either to support a team-mate who is under pressure or to mark an opponent.
Dead ball occurs when the ball goes out of play or the referee stops the game.
Dissent an offence, means showing disagreement with the referee's decision.
Dribbling means running with the ball under close control at the feet, nudging it along.
Goalmouth is an undefined area close to the goal.
Lay off means to take a pass, usually facing the direction of play, and transfer it back or sideways to a team-mate.
Marking means guarding an opponent.
Obstruction is an offence that occurs when a player deliberately gets in the way of an opponent without attempting to play the ball.
One-two is a quick exchange of passes between two players, usually made to get past an opponent.
Overlapping is a move in which a defender, usually a fullback, comes into the attack along the wing.
Restart is any method used to start the game after a stoppage.
Running off the ball means moving into positions to support team-mates or distract opponents.
Screening is keeping body and feet in the way of an opponent while playing the ball.
Wall is a defensive barrier formed by two or more players, usually to block shots at free kicks

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