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India vs. Brentford

india vs. brentford

Indians lost to the English second division club Brentford Football club 3-0 on the Tuesday night in griffin park in south London . Indians played exceptionally well in  the first half and hour and missed some chances in the first half. There were more than 3500  audience .The home team easily won  the match  Indians lost their way in the middle of the first half. They scored three goal in  space of the five minutes . Lloyd Owusu scored twice and their captain Paul Evans scored the goals .India now play First division Nottingham forest on Saturday night.
score card:-
Lloyd Owusu 34 minutes (Brentford)
Lloyd Owusu 39 minutes (Brentford)
Paul Evans   35 minutes (Brentford)
First half:- India 0-3 Brentford

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